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TVN Live-Copter

Are you looking for that little extra for live broadcasting of your event? The TVN Live Copter enriches every production with spectacular perspectives from the air. Let us advise you: +49 511 1212-3720.

Aerial shots have become an integral part of modern visual design. For live broadcast of sports and show events, live copters provide an innovative upgrade to existing production formats.

With our TVN Live-Copter, we follow the arrival of athletes at stadiums and bands at concert halls, produce exclusive beauty shots, and provide TV viewers with a sense of the space by full area overviews. Spectacular live images from the air are versatile. At TVN, we  combine aerial video expertise and long-standing broadcasting competence.

TVN Live-copter teams, consisting of licensed pilots, experienced camera personnel and specialised technicians, carry out more than 100 assignments all over the world every year. Increasingly, we are also producing images with integrated virtual content such as augmented reality. The objective is always to offer added value to our customers and their viewers in the live arena.

Safety is our top priority. Consequently, only experienced crews operate our copter systems. We apply powerful, reliable and high-quality drone technology as well as zoom-capable system cameras. Special broadcast radio links (with dedicated BNetzA frequencies) also provide stable and interference-free HD signal transmission in 1080i or 1080p.

When it comes to the development of innovative technical solutions and daily operations, smooth running processes are the basic prerequisite of our work. Our back offices are in constant communication with the authorities, allowing for the fast and reliable arrangement of all approvals.

If you want us to also enhance your production by live copter perspectives, just ask us!

Factsheet TVN Live-Copter

Our references

Football Bundesliga

Since the 2017/18 season, we have been producing the live aerial images for the Bundesliga in more than 35 flights per season. The TVN Live-Copter delivers exterior shots of the stadiums and their surroundings as well as of the teams’ bus arrivals or even individual match scenes.

FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019

During the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019, we provided the live and non-live coverage for the world feed with exceptional aerial images with our copter teams in a total of nine stadiums. For each stadium, we created an individual concept for the signal transmission.

Augmented Reality Live-Copter

In a joint effort with Netventure, we combined live augmented reality graphics with drone footage for the first time in a Bundesliga football production. Since its successful launch, we have been regularly using this innovative technology for Bundesliga football broadcasts.

Berlin Marathon 2020       

For the replacement event of the Berlin Marathon 2020, we were able to offer new perspectives with spectacular flights around the famous Berlin Victory Column. In addition to live images, high-resolution drone photos were taken from heights of up to 200 m for the city marketing department.

Telekom Street Gig 2020            

At one of the first pandemic ghost concerts of 2020, the Telekom Street Gig featuring James Blunt at the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, we were in the air for MagentaMusik 360 above the Port of Hamburg. Since no audience was allowed, we were able to repeatedly contribute spectacular images of the illuminated outer façade to the live broadcast with the live copter.

Hamburg World Wasser Marathon

At the ITU World Wasser Marathon in Hamburg’s city park, we provided live aerial coverage of the competition between top international athletes over two days. The drone images of the start and the first discipline were particularly popular. During the swim event, for example, we were able to fly in front of the swimmers (like no other camera) and contribute spectacular top shot images to the world feed of the swimmers at the turning points in the water.

DFB Cup      

In recent seasons, the TVN Live-Copter has taken aerial shots at all ARD live matches of the DFB Cup, including the finals in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. At the quarter-final match between 1. FC Saarbrücken and Bayer 04 Leverkusen in 2020, we used two copters at the same time for the first time and could provide a live aerial image with direct view of the action for the entire duration of the match.

International matches of the German national team

On behalf of various broadcasters, we produce the aerial images for matches of the German national team at home and abroad on a regular basis. Recently, our camera drone was in the air for tournaments such as the UEFA Nations League, the UEFA European Qualifiers and friendly matches with German participation.

UEFA Europa League Final 2020

For the UEL Final 2020 between Inter Milan and FC Sevilla in the RheinEnergie Stadium in Cologne, we were in charge of the drone images in addition to the host broadcasting on behalf of UEFA. Especially in the run-up to the event, the copter perspective was used to give the international spectators a sense of the stadium’s geographical dimensions. During the match, we were able to show replays of crucial match scenes from an aerial perspective.

AIDA cruise ship launching ceremony

On behalf of Audi, the TVN Mobile Production was also responsible for the aerial shots at the Audi Cup 2019 in Munich as well as the complete handling of the host broadcasting and the implementation of the international content centre.

Audi Cup 2019

On behalf of Audi, the TVN MOBILE PRODUCTION was responsible for the aerial shots at the Audi Cup 2019 in Munich in addition to the complete handling of the host broadcasting and the implementation of the international content centre.

Concert and show live productions

For Helene Fischer and Udo Lindenberg, we produced live images for the stadium screens and we recorded the concerts. In addition to other concerts, our references include shows such as ‘ZDF Fernsehgarten’ or ‘Die Liveshow bei dir zuhause’ by ProSieben.

IBU Biathlon Weltcup 2021

We were in the air for ARD and ZDF with the TVN Live-Copter on both BMW IBU Biathlon World Cup weekends in Oberhof. Our live- and zoom-capable drone camera was able to cover almost the entire course, including the famous Brix Climb, the Hochwald Downhill and the entire ‘Lotto Thüringen Arena am Rennsteig’ stadium.

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