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Broadcast IT

Broadcast IT is the backbone of every media production - this applies from planning to distribution. Future-proof technology and data security, transmission quality and cost control are just some of the many important aspects of a holistic project evaluation.

The increasing shift to web-based solutions, such as streaming, transcoding, remote production and site networking, brings challenges that often only become clear when viewed as a whole. Our specialists support you in all phases of your media production, from planning to operation.

In a future-proof process architecture, new distribution formats such as F.A.S.T. channels or innovative networking via NDI standard must be taken into account as well. As a manufacturer-independent partner, TVN SOLUTIONS analyses the production process from the idea to the finished format.


TVN SOLUTIONS realises complex studio applications, but breaks down the complexity to a minimum for the user. With the innovative Ghostframe technology, it is possible to combine several production steps and thus reduce set-up times, rehearsals and post-production significantly. Using the latest technology, multiple content can be displayed simultaneously on one LED wall. The director and the cameras decide which of these contents will be shown in the studio and which source the audience will see.

Among other things, this production technology allows for multiple set designs in one production, such as different languages or graphics for different locations. For scenic productions, there is no need for post-production in front of the green and location scouting can be minimised. Presenters get orientation in the studio and can be continuously supplied with social and breaking news without the audience seeing anything - prompter texts and instructions can also be shown in in the studio.

Regional reporting can be graphically integrated into a master format, in real time and with customised graphical elements.

The possibilities are manifold and useful at the same time, enabling new production methods with efficient and economical processes.

The TVN SOLUTIONS team will be happy to advise you on all conceptions you might come up with. Each studio can be planned individually - from a 20m² conference studio to a ghostframe studio.

FAST Channel

F.A.S.T. stands for Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV. This is a linear online channel interrupted by commercial ads. Linear in this case means the channel programme follows a curated playlist. It is not on-demand content, but a fixed editorial programme.

A major advantage of FAST Channels is the ability to market the advertising slots, generating revenue for the content owner.

The latest cloud-based technologies allow for setting up a channel without the immense hardware and software costs neccessary so far. FAST channels are usually designed for specific target groups and enable the targeted consumption of content. These can be in the areas of entertainment, fiction, documentaries, music, culture, sports or other areas of interest.

TVN SOLUTIONS is the provider for FAST channel operation with regard to editorial, technical and operational services. Our portfolio includes the editorial support and design of the channel, the technical set-up from ingest to playout, as well as the preparation and design of the content, for example in Dolby Atmos mastering or graphic adaptation.

Do you own content rights and are looking for a media partner for setting-up a FAST channel ? Then you've come to the right place.

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