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Working with speciality cameras is part of our daily operations. We have a wide variety to cover all the requirements of demanding production. Our speciality camera portfolio includes the most powerful sports optics, super high-speed, in-goal and chip camera systems. In addition, we have various camera tripods and bases such as cranes, rails, steadicam, railcam and polecam. We ensure first-class transmission quality of video and audio signals through fibre optic systems.

With our reliable network, we guarantee trouble-free workflows. We ensure that your production is always executed with state-of-the-art equipment in top condition.

With our speciality cameras, we can add significant value to your production. The following selection is available to you:


The speciality camera for unusual perspectives

This speciality camera has been part of our basic equipment for high-quality TV productions for years. The TVN polecam systems offer spectacular camera movements with extraordinary perspectives. They are used in a variety of situations: at the starter hatch in winter sports, behind the goals in the German Football League, in show productions above the cooker or at the Water Polo Champions League final above the heads of the players.

High-end wireless transmission systems

With speciality camera heads

Specially synchronised wireless connections from Vislink and compact Sony camera heads of the latest generation can be combined in a variety of ways. Used as a standard wireless camera, steadycam unit or on rail systems, the wireless systems always deliver unique super slow-motion images of sprints and duels in biathlon races, or dribblings and fouls in football.

PTZ remote camera

The remote-controlled speciality camera

With our powerful PTZ remote cameras, we generate remote-controlled full HD signals. Whether as commentator cam at football events or as observation cam in reality TV, our remote speciality camera provides a brilliant picture quality.

Highspeed Ikegami Nac II

The speciality camera for demanding slow-motion sequences

This speciality camera system enables impressive slow motion with up to 1,000 frames per second and is one of the most powerful systems on the market in terms of light sensitivity and high-speed image display. The Ikegami NAC Hi-Motion II camera generates breathtaking and razor-sharp images, especially during fast-paced sports.

Railcam (powered by Blackcam)

Our speciality camera on rails

Fast camera movements, new camera perspectives, dynamic images – the railcam is perfect for fast camera movements at up to 5 metres per second and extraordinary images for every production. This speciality camera moves on a specially designed rail system that offers maximum safety for protagonists and athletes, while embedded inconspicuously in the set due to its individually selectable length. Potential areas of application are: in footballon the sidelines on the ball, in cross-country skiing/biathlon on the ascent or descent, in motor sports in the pit lane or in show productions and concerts on the stage or at its edge.

Large Lens Remote Head SSL (powered by Blackcam)

The remote system for large optics

The Remote Head RH2W, in combination with one of our supermotion/highspeed/hypermotion speciality cameras, is an upgrade of the remote heads in the heavy-duty range. The extremely stable and powerful remote head is designed for large system cameras with box optics of the longest focal lengths under sporty and dynamic conditions. This speciality camera allows for fast and blur-free images at positions where a locally operated large camera head would not fit. Images with ultra-long focal lengths at football matches on the halfway line or at the shooting range during winter sports are enabled by this new remote head without any loss of image quality and motion control.

Professional UHD HDR full-format broadcast cameras

Our speciality camera for the perfect 180 degree beauty shot in all formats

Whether you want to shoot in HD, 3G, UHD or HDR – our beauty camera kit offers the widest perspective for every production with the Sony UHD HDR full-format sensor. Equipped with hyper-wide-angle optics, our cameras deliver images up to a viewing angle of 180 degrees without the usual blurring or distortion in the corners. On an international level, this setup is used for UEFA in the Champions League and Europa League. In Germany, public and private broadcasters use it for football broadcasts of the German national team. This speciality camera is particularly popular in remote production: Maximum overview with maximum sharpness and extended colour range make the TV viewers feel like they are there live.

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