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TVN XR+ | Extended Reality Studio

In our TVN XR+ studio, you can produce more than just in front of green. With extended reality (XR), VCM®, virtual content multiplication, LED background and state-of-the-art camera technology, every production becomes an experience. Whether live, scenic or in the field of corporate communication - everything is possible here. Let us give you an overview:

TVN XR+ extends reality

XR = Extended Reality: The linking of virtual and real elements multiplies the options of visualisation.

But there is more to TVN. We combine the strengths of high-end camera and LED technology.



  • Completely virtual, multicam-capable production environment
  • Most powerful technology enables real-time rendering of virtual environments - in live operation
  • Integration of augmented reality elements (moving or still)
  • Maximum reduction of set-up, production and post-production time through the use of the Virtual Content Multiplication® technology (VCM)
  • 28sqm GhostFrame® LED wall
  • Concept, content and implementation from a single source

Up to six GhostFrame features per frame:

  • GhostFrame Chroma: green screen, hidden chroma key
  • GhostTrack: hidden tracking
  • GhostFrame MultiSource: multiple video feeds - simultaneously on one LED wall

You decide which elements are visible to the human eye and which are only visible to the camera and thus to the audience at the monitors.

The TVN XR+ Studio is the only alpha status GhostFrame Studio in German-speaking countries.

Factsheet TVN XR+ Studio

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