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TVN XR+ | Extended Reality Studio

In our TVN XR+ studio you can produce much more than just in front of the green. With extended reality (XR), VCM®, virtual content multiplication, LED background and state-of-the-art camera technology, every production becomes an experience. whether live, scenic or in the field of corporate communication - our studio is individually equipped and customised to every need. Let us give you an overview:




TVN XR+ extends reality

XR stands for Extended Reality - the linking of virtual and real elements multiplies the possibilities of visualisation. But TVN can do even more! We combine the strengths of high-end camera and LED technology. Our plus complements the flexible design of the studio with all the resources of the TVN GROUP.

In our TVN location in Hanover North, a studio in a class of its own has been created. Streaming, TV and commercial productions can be realised on an area of over 100m² - and all according to your wishes. Our high-quality production technology includes a 4K Multicam environment with its own graphics engines, a 28m² Ghostframe Led Wall and state-of-the-art infrastructure. You can realise any project for corporate communications, streaming events or scenic applications in front of Green, with LED background or in combination with Realdoku. The design possibilities leave nothing to be desired.

Our team takes care of the entire production process. Starting with the script and format development, through set designs and graphics to production and post production.

The studio can be used live or on-tape, booked as a location or with team and technology. And best of all - the entire production technology is also mobile.

Ghostframe Studio Alpha

In co-operation with our partner AGS, we have tested and applied the new and innovative Ghostframe technology in our XR+ studio. GhostFrame ensures that several nested signals are displayed on the LED wall. On the one hand, this technically ensures that only one of the image signals for the people in the studio is visible on the LED wall, but on the other hand, the camera sees all signals on the LED wall, including the hidden ones.

With this setup, the GhostFrame application can therefore display completely different image content on the LED wall than is then shown in the broadcast signal. One of many ways to exploit this: The actors in front of the cameras can be supported editorially by displaying background material or additional texts that the TV audience does not see. Instead, product information can be displayed in the broadcast signal. This also opens up the possibility of generating several different broadcast signals in one take or one transmission: in one take, for example, you could ensure that inserted graphics are labelled in different languages - live.

One of the hidden signals on the LED wall, however, is not intended as a picture background, but is a pattern of tracking markers. The small tracking cameras, which are mounted below the studio lenses, are synchronised so that they only see these markers. So as soon as the studio camera is pointed in the direction of the people acting in front of the LED wall, tracking markers are automatically available. This speeds up the setup and ensures very precise tracking data. GhostFrame opens up "hidden tracking", so to speak.

The Ghostframe technology can be set up in the studio if required, but is not a fixed part of the location. TVN SOLUTIONS is also an integration partner for Ghostframe and offers to install it on your premises.

flyer TVN XR+

The new TVN XR+ studio in Hanover has opened and was there. The extended reality studio offers many new possibilities for corporate, scenic productions or even product presentations and advertising. A special feature is the ghost frame application, which allows different content to be shown in the studio than that in the broadcast signal. Project Manager Julian Rössig explains the advantages of the new XR Studio in the video.

Using the GhostFrame application to show different image content in the studio than in the broadcast signal - Max von Braun, AGS AG, and Julian Rössig, TVN, explain how this works. They show how GhostFrame is used in TVN's XR+ studio.

The Tinsel King - The teaser for the feature film
This is the proof of concept teaser for the feature film 'The Tinsel King' by Juliane Block and Wolf-Peter Arand. Produced at TVN XR+ Studio Hannover, pre- and post-production at Raav Films Hannover. The fantastic story with great visual effects in short: Santa's creepy helper Krampus locks 12-year-old Astrid in his magic sack. To regain her freedom, she embarks on a dangerous journey.

Production example in the new TVN XR+ Studio
This is one of the videos we produced at the new TVN XR+ Studio in Hanover on the Master's degree programmes at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts FHDW Hanover. The set-up of the spots: The protagonists (real students) move in the green area in front of a large LED wall, the lateral attached walls are mapped by live graphic rendering in real time and played in synchronisation with the LED wall. All cameras are tracked (GhostFrame™ applications GhosTrack and MultiSource).

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