Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Climate protection, environmental awareness, and sustainability – every individual can rely on TVN's support in improving their ecological footprint, including in their working environment. The journey is the reward: every step and every small improvement is a joint success. We welcome every constructive suggestion and take on whatever is possible!

Our mind set

At TVN, we are actively involved in corporate social responsibility. Our aim is to classify and improve the impact of our business activities and to take responsibility. Aspects include climate protection, sustainability, work ethics, plus further values and standards.

Regarding media productions, we cannot refrain from technology and energy, transportation and travel, as well as very dynamic working hours. Nevertheless, there is room for optimization.

This is where we come in, going beyond the legal requirements.

More sustainability and
a more conscious use of resources

Our declared goals include
greater sustainability in all branches and production processes.

With the economic backing of the management,
many good ideas have already been implemented,
from workplace design to the vehicle fleet.

Look at our improvements
at business and production level:

  • Our electricity contracts have been switched to green electricity at all locations.
  • To reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency, we have switched to LED lighting – in offices across Germany and in broadcasting vans.
  • The vehicle fleet has been modernized to meet current emissions standards and we are looking into where e-vehicles are suitable. Cargo e-bikes are perfect for nature reserves and city centers. A pleasant side effect: no more searching for a parking space! Especially the teams working in Berlin's government district are celebrating this. Speaking of Berlin: TVN now only uses e-vehicles here.
  • We systematically check how business trips can be organized as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • Less is more, and we continue to reduce: plastic, waste, and paper.
  • Employees have qualified as IHK-certified 'Green Consultants Film & TV'. They have a deeper understanding of the respective options "on production" and continue to drive optimization from within.

Sustainable offers for the employees

In addition to environmental protection and efficiency improvements at company level, TVN is also examining the processes on the staff side – what can be achieved for the employees themselves, from mobility to waste avoidance?

We are delighted that our colleagues are actively participating in the change processes and driving them forward!

Look at our improvements
concerning working conditions:

  • For years, TVN workwear has preferably come from Germany or the EU. It is ecologically produced, mostly free of harmful substances and skin-friendly.
  • Organic food: employees have access to organically produced coffee, milk, and regional fruit from organic farmers.
  • Drinking water: the PET-based and transport-intensive beverage supply was replaced by (sparkling) water taps in the company kitchens.
  • The "Job-Rad" leasing program offers environmental protection and efficiency incentives: for employees, this means tax benefits and exercise in one.
  • Work assignments: We produce a lot at weekends and in the evenings, which makes personnel planning a challenge. Nevertheless, TVN designs working conditions based on flexible working time models that are as family and life-phase conscious as possible. Our parents with (young) children in particular benefit from part-time positions.
  • Career: Our employees can always further their education and advance their careers at any time through additional training or personal development courses.
  • Training: We rely on our own trained specialist staff, with particularly tailored learning concepts, creative projects, and state-of-the-art technology. The extensive qualification programs take place at TVN as part of many exciting assignments.

Our network

Our goal is to participate in trend-setting improvements for the entire media industry. We actively approach customers, technology partners and institutions, because together we can of course achieve much more. We regularly exchange ideas, make commitments, and take further steps.

Green Production

Our company TVN LIVE PRODUCTION is involved in the industry association of creative/technical service providers VTFF, intending to promote the topic of sustainable media production with a focus on outside broadcasting.


We are on our way.


We are here for you.

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