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Are you looking for a suitable producer to support you in the development of new broadcasting formats and the development of editorial concepts? Then contact TVN FACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT and let us advise you: +49 511 1212-1212.

This is us

TVN FACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT has produced almost 2000 reports, documentaries and magazine features. That is what we have to show for after more than 25 years of solid work for programme content providers and creators, private and public broadcasters.

TVN FACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT's editors and writers have a feel for good topics and implement them to the highest quality – with a keen sense for interesting stories and a creative mindset for new forms of broadcasting, from brainstorming and research to the finished concept.

Our competences

This is what we do

TV reports from TVN FACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT are gripping, relevant, informative, entertaining and visually strong, offering social and political contents, service information and nature documentaries. We always keep an eye on the latest media trends, providing themes and ideas for new materials, genres and content.

In addition to format conception, TVN FACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT also offers production services. Experienced TV producers, research pros and resourceful authors passionately conceive, write, shoot and edit tailor-made TV and online media content.

If required, we produce as well as supervise the entire manufacturing process. We support you, from the planning of the production through the filming to the post-production. TVN FACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT can either support your teams or, using synergies within the TVN GROUP, offer all services from a single source.

Jan Weber-Verlinden

Production Management

Tel: +49 511 1212 3541

Sebastian Liegmann

Head of postproduction "Die Geissens"

Tel: +49 221 554004 32

Claudia Riemer

Content & Coaching

Tel: +49 160 9663 9563

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