The TVN GROUP Film & TV Production aims at offering complex media services from a single source. In the sum of its business fields, the group is unique diversified while highly specialised, but always in line with the multimedia trend and increasing digitisation. 

Focussing on interdisciplinary competences and coversing the entire media business, the range of services is perfectly coordinated - with great synergy effects on all business levels. The services are available either as an overll concept or partial. 


Based on their own know-how and growing experience, the companies of the group were successively developed into innovative players in the international film and television business over the past 35 years. In the process, TVN has strategically relied on the potential of sustainable business relationships and strong allies.

Innovation-driven and investment-friendly, TVN is a sought-after partner and co-designer of future-oriented technologies. This results in many practicable technical solutions and workflows for tomorrow’s media.

We are involved in research and interest groups as well as in associations. We collaborate with media and technology partners who share our quality level and our ambitious ideas. Whenever possible, we have our processes certified.

It is our goal to offer binding, reliable and measurable standards, to constantly optimise and expand them. This also refers to socio-cultural values. We have made a voluntary commitment to aspects of corporate social responsibility. And we are continuing to work on it.

Frank Hähnel

Chairman of the Management Board

Tel +49 511 1212-3703

TVN has evolved into a group of companies with a remarkable range of services. We have not only kept up with the rapid changes in our industry, but have also helped shape the media world. Perhaps we succeeded because we have always considered innovative technology and new workflows an exciting challenge. This spirit will continue to inspire us in the future!“

Frank Hähnel

Markus Osthaus


Tel +49 511 1212-3704

Years of experience meet creative impulses. With more than 300 permanent employees and strong promotion of young talent, we safe-guard the consistently high quality of our work while always providing a fresh look at it. This is how our team finds the best solutions for our clients and implements them at a sophisticated level.

Markus Osthaus

Christian Panhorst

Commercial Management

Tel +49 511 1212-3706
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Jan Weber-Verlinden

Production Management

Tel +49 511 1212-3541

The companies of the group

Thanks to close networking, experienced colleagues act across various disciplines. They design and coordinate media solutions with great synergy effects on all business levels.

TVN MOBILE PRODUCTION is in charge of live broadcasting or recording demanding sports, show and corporate events deploying one of the most powerful OB van fleets in Europe as well as extensive special technology.

TVN PRODUCTION offers qualified personnel along with the technical high-end eqiupment for film, television and multimedia productions nationwide, premises for studios, control rooms, networked editorial workstations and post-production as well as a fleet of vehicles for around 30 ENG and camera crews.

TVN CORPORATE MEDIA is the group's communications agency. Experienced consultants develop and implement creative and business-related multimedia solutions and campaigns for effective corporate communication.

AZ MEDIA TV develops television formats and produces report series, documentaries, magazine or news features as well as TV series for public and private TV stations.

TVN SOLUTIONS bundles our special competences, such as all types of aerial video as well as the areas of consulting, conceptual design, integration for studios and production environments.

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